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Odyssey Gambling is a new innovation in the gambling industry that allows casinos to monitor and reward patrons as they play. The program uses AI that understands your betting strategy and your gaming habits, then tailors offers to you at just the right time.

The First Video Game Console Was Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Mark Baer was just 10 years old when his parents introduced him to a new video game console that would change the way he and his brother played for the rest of their lives. It was a console that was developed and produced by Magnavox, a small company based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The company was founded by Ralph H. Baer in 1966, and it took his team three years to complete development of the Odyssey. The console was designed to connect to a television set, with two rectangular controllers attached by wires. The console could display three square dots and one line of varying height on the screen in monochrome black and white, with different behaviours for each player’s dot depending on the game they were playing.

Players placed plastic overlays on to the TV screen to create the background and other visual elements for each game. Each game would require a set of rules that the dots were to follow.

Another key feature was the reset button, which re-sets individual elements according to the rules of the game. It was also possible to place a circuit board in the console, which changed how the system worked, and how the dots behaved.

The console was packaged with dice, paper money and other board game paraphernalia. There was also a peripheral controller, the first video game light gun, which was sold separately.

Today, the Odyssey is still used to run a number of games in many locations around the world, including Queensland, Australia. It is also used to monitor electronic gaming machines at several pubs and clubs in Tasmania.

Odyssey is a leading technology developer, with a suite of programs that help venues and Licensed Monitoring Operators better manage and understand their patrons’ activity. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Federal Group, which operates significant tourism, hospitality, retail, casino and gaming assets in Tasmania.

TITO, Axiscard and Channelmate provide a range of solutions that allow venues to improve their operational efficiency and reduce their reliance on manual cash handling. TITO, for example, allows a player to transfer their credit from one machine to another without the need to wait for an attendant or perform a cancel credit.

Axiscard is a card based payment solution that can be used to pay for games or withdrawal for cash at any TITO ready machine, saving venues money and reducing their reliance on manually handling cash. It is a cost effective alternative to hoppers, and reduces the number of credits cancelled daily.

It also has a built in alerts program, which automatically rewards patrons for their gaming activity. This helps to boost loyalty and retention, and can even be tailored to the specific patrons who visit each machine.

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